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"We solve crime."

we’re all stories in the end. just make it a good one, eh?

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-Clara, tell me, am I a good man?
-I don’t know.

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Orphan Black Meme

7/9 Outfits: Cosima’s red coat.

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Hey, whatever you need me to do, I’m your man.

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The Doctor showed me a better way of living your life.”

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MORMOR AU: Months after the Reichenbachfall, Jim Moriarty meets up with Irene Adler to rebuild his criminal empire, destroyed by the consulting detective Sherlock Holmes. To his misgiving, the woman has something else in mind. Some hours later, however, his loyal marksman Sebastian Moran receives a short message. “Counduit Street. Bring wine.”

Sound a bit familiar?

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Series 2 (1964-65) - Scenery (pt. 1)

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dear cas